Red Wall & Stairs


We are the headliners. The main event. Studio 476 is the first feature venue by Sarah Victor Beauty LLC, located in the arms of Glastonbury CT. We have a musical under tone to the entire Studio and play off of the various pronouns in the industry. Life is a stage and so is Studio 476!

Come as you are. You’re accepted. You are in a place where you are celebrated for being uniquely and unabashedly YOU. This is a place of organized chaos and beautiful madness that intoxicates you to return again and again. This is where you belong regardless of what you’ve come from or what your status is. We can't wait to make YOU feel like the most confident version of you.


However that looks...we welcome you are.


Our venue presents only the most talented and charismatic Hair Artists you will find 'round these parts. Enjoy your time with us by indulging in a hot towel scalp massage while your hair treatment dives deep and does it's thang! Follow that up with a glass of some bubbly, vino or something a little lighter. Finally take a seat in the chair and gear up for some seriously amazing styling skills.


Sit back and let us do the work!


At STUDIO476, we do things a bit differently! We are driven by music and how it makes an individual feel. Instead of a Salon we call it a Studio, bookings are "tickets", reception is our "Box Office", our location is the "Venue" and all of you lovely customers are called "Guests". We like to bring to you our own unique style with each Stylist or "Hair Artist" that you encounter. With the same goal of bringing you to coifed us...we got this. 

© 2020 by Sarah Victor Beauty Studio + Salon LLC | Featuring: Studio 476

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